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The USDT Stablecoin November 2020 Report | Tokenview

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The USDT Stablecoin November 2020 Report | Tokenview

In November 2020, the circulating supply of USDT was 19.393 billion tokens. In November, 2.42 billion new USDT tokens were minted, with 96.485 million tokens burned. The newly issued USDT was distributed to 5 exchanges, with a total amount of 2.713 billion.

usdt又印钞usdt又印钞 ### An overview of USDT entering exchanges

In November, a total of USDT flowed into 6 exchanges, with the following rankings based on the inflow volume: Bitfinex received 111,909.9 million tokens, Binance received 12,697.4 million tokens, Nexo received 13 million tokens, Huobi received 5.7422 million tokens, and Poloniex received 0.1 million tokens.

usdt又印钞 ### USDT November Minting Channel Statistics

In November, the total USDT minted was 2.42 billion tokens, with 1.32 billion tokens minted on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and 1.1 billion tokens minted on the TRON (TRX) blockchain.

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