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Blockchain Stablecoins Report for January to July 2021 | Tokenview

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Blockchain Stablecoins Report for January to July 2021 | Tokenview

Stablecoins include: USDT, USDC, BUSD, TUSD, PAX, HUSD, GUSD

From January to July 2021, stablecoins had a total net minted supply of 78.716 billion tokens. The minting volume increased in July, rising by 1.166 billion tokens compared to June. Over the seven months, there was a cumulative issuance of 1242.845 billion tokens, with 455.685 billion tokens burned.

In July, the top 3 stablecoins in terms of net issuance are BUSD, USDC, and PAX, with 2.229 billion, 2.19 billion, and 0.86 billion tokens respectively.

USDT has not minted any tokens for two consecutive months.

The highest months for token minting over the 7-month period were May, April, and February. In May, the total net minted supply was 20.945 billion tokens, in April it was 18.536 billion tokens, and in February it was 12.977 billion tokens.

Tokenview Stablecoins Mint The use of burning as an incentive mechanism is a means of maintaining token price stability. The average ratios of token burning to issuance for each currency from January to July 2021 are as follows:

Tokenview Stablecoins Mint Among them, the burn/mint ratio for USDC and BUSD fluctuates around 50%, at 47% and 51.05% respectively, while HUSD takes the lead with a ratio of 102%.

Tokenview Stablecoins MintTokenview Stablecoins Mint

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