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How Do Ordinary Users Connect to Internet/Web 3.0 | Tokenview

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How Do Ordinary Users Connect to Internet/Web 3.0 | Tokenview

Big events in the blockchain are endless. Facebook is renamed Meta, NFT and DeFi are surging, and the market value exceeds 2 trillion US dollars in just a few years, such as the emergence of Cryptopunks and BAYC Boring Apes. Recently, Google’s keyword search data shows that people’s interest in NFTs has soared to a record level, with traffic surpassing many of the top ten search terms related to crypto assets. The development of the Internet has reached the threshold of subversion.

The Historical Development of the Internet

Web 1: Between 1990 and 2005, the first wave of the Internet emerged. Although surfing the Internet has become fashionable, because of hardware limitations, computers must be used, and there are relatively few users. The function of the Internet is to provide readable information.

Web 2: From 2005 to 2020, the Internet can not only display information, but also interact with users and track user behavior, so there is a corresponding profit model. At the same time, with the popularity of smart phones and the rapid increase in the number of users, large companies have concentrated the use of the Internet through various technical and commercial means to provide fast and convenient services. Such as: WeChat, Toutiao, Alipay, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

The emergence of Internet 3.0:

    1. Global digital currency transfer: transfer directly through digital currency worldwide, no need to go through the bank, no need to know the specific address information and phone number of the other party, and it does not take a long time, most of which can be completed within half an hour Transfer transactions;
    1. DEFI investment: No need to register with a securities company, and directly trade in DeFi. All transactions are public, unchangeable, and can be traded anytime, anywhere.
    1. The rise of the artist's creation. Artists can make their own creations and capitalize their own works through NFT. No one can control and deprive them of the profit of their main creation. And they can directly bind and interact with the community and fans, and share the profitability of the artwork.

web 3Internet 3, to put it simply, is to rebuild the network by using encryption technology and using the open protocols of the existing Internet. In the new network, add tokens (virtual currency), smart contracts, privacy protection, consensus, decentralization, and immutability. At the same time, the good experience that users have become accustomed to is preserved.

Tokenviewopen in new window It is the Google of Web 3. We know that both Google and Baidu can be used to retrieve information, but Google and Baidu cannot search data information on the blockchain, so Tokenview came into being. As a blockchain browser, Tokenview can query the data information of more than 120 mainstream public chains, as well as the subsequent development of the Internet, DEFI, and NFT can be queried through the Tokenview browser.

web 3### How do ordinary users connect themselves to Web 3 or Meta Universe?

If you need to understand what metaverse is, you can read this article:

Users can intervene shallowly and experience the top game Axie Infinity, which can be played 'play and earn'. You can go to UniSwap's testnet to try transactions and see the wonders of DeFi. You can go to Opensea to cast a CyberUrsus NFT to experience permanent records and Interaction of friends. These are to help understand the Internet/Web 3.

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