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What Is Web3 in Crypto? Detailed Overview

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What Is Web3 in Crypto? Detailed Overview

The use of the internet has passed through various stages in its development and a question arises what is web3 in crypto? The first version was Web 1.0 or the ‘Static Web’ where information travelled in only one direction from the creator to the consumer. Now with the shift towards Web 2.0 or ‘The Social Web’ where users can communicate and share information on social media, blogs wikis, etc.

Now we are at the crossroads of the new era of the Web3 society also known as Decentralized Web or Semantic Web. This new paradigm is set to change the way we use the internet with a focus on the increased use of cryptocurrency and blockchain and this article discusses in detail what is web3 in crypto.

The Decentralized Web

Before digging into the concept of what is web3 in crypto, it is important to get familiar with the foundation of Web3. Web3 is based on three pillars: decentralization, openness, and sovereignty. Instead of modern models of centralized platforms that use the personal information of users for free and for their benefit, Web3 will ensure the empowerment of users. This is accomplished via the employment of blockchain technology which facilitates the development of dApps and the emergence of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). For the development of Web3 technology, TOKENVIEWopen in new window provides extensive services which cover the development and deployment of dApps, the minting of digital assets, and general blockchain solutions for companies and individuals who seek secure, transparent infrastructure.

Blockchain technology is the algorithm of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether that provides a distributed ledger mechanism for recording transactions. With the help of blockchain, Web3 applications will be able to run without the interference of a third party, which essentially means that there will be no SPOFs, as well as no risk of censorship or data manipulation.

Key Components of Web3 in the Crypto World

1. Decentralized Applications (dApps)

DeFi platforms are Web 3.0 applications that utilize blockchain technology to run their software. These applications are to be open source; their functionality is transparent and censor-resistant. They allow users to communicate or transact business with one another without the help of third-party communication service providers.

2. The use of DAOs in Digital Art

DAOs are automated organizations that carry out their activities by the rules specified in smart contracts that are executed on a blockchain. Some of these organizations make decisions based on a voting mechanism by the members hence no hierarchical forms of organization. DAOs help make decisions and run the organization in a way that makes no one person or group of people have too much authority within the organization.

3. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are tokenized pieces of digital or physical property that belong to someone. They are made in a blockchain and are unique and impossible to forge, which makes them perfect for proving the ownership of digital objects in Web3 spaces.

4. Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Web3 has a relatively new segment called DeFi which is the development of a decentralized financial system. It includes decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, stablecoins and all generally blockchain-based applications. DeFi claims to bring finance closer to everyone and cut out the middlemen.

The Potential of Web 3 in Cryptocurrency

Web3 will take the cryptocurrency industry to the next level with additional transparency and security, as well as end users’ control which clearly defines what is web3 in crypto. With the help of blockchain technology, Web3 platforms will be able to facilitate P2P transfers, avoid vetting services, and ensure the users’ enhanced ownership over digital items.

Furthermore, Web3 claims to increase the anonymity and security of users’ data by putting them in charge of their information and preventing centralized leaks. Automation can be achieved through smart contracts and Decentralized Applications that remove the dependence on trust and enable limiting human interference to a minimum risk of fraud and manipulation.

Future of Web3 and Cryptocurrency

Web3 has a bright future as it is poised to change the web. However, some difficulties should be eliminated, for example, the problems of scaling, the number of users, and legal frameworks. The trends indicate that the development of the technology is going to continue and the stakeholders such as the developers, the business community and the users should support the maturation process of this promising new paradigm.


To sum up, what is web3 in crypto, Web3 is a term that has been used to describe a new era of the internet where cryptocurrency will play a significant role. Web3 is a revolutionary approach towards redesigning the institutional framework of the Internet with the help of blockchain technology.

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