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How does blockchain work? Tokenview Block Explorer

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How does blockchain work? Tokenview Block Explorer

How blockchain works is explained best by understanding the communal aspect. It is based on what’s called distributed ledger technology. Everyone in the peer-to-peer network making up these ledgers can look at the same information in individual blocks.

A transaction that gets recorded on one computer or node is visible to each of the computers in the digital network. Everyone can see the same data.

Do you know how to see these data. Tokenview is one of the best block exploreropen in new window that enables you to explore the transaction, address.

tokenview block explorerThis is what makes the technology very difficult to hack. No one computer controls the data and to change it in one block would mean the entire chain needs to follow suit. Everyone has a copy that is automatically updated; alterations need to be verified by everyone in the network.

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