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Blockchain Glossory By Tokenview Block Explorer

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Blockchain Glossory By Tokenview Block Explorer

A Block Explorer enables users to look up everything on the blockchain just like Google. Tokenview Block Exploreropen in new window is one of the best blockchain explorer to search all the data on the blockchain.

Users can search the information including block height, price, miner, size, reward, and etc. on Tokenview block explorer.

tokenview block explorerGlossary In a Block like BTC

  • Height: 140125 Block height is defined as the number of blocks in the chain between any given block and the very first block in the blockchain.

  • Miner: Pool Huobi It is equivalent to a miner, which means that this block is obtained by this 'miner'. The Huobi here is the one of the famous Bitcoin mining pool in China.

  • Time means timestamp: 2020-07-21 15:43:19 Shows the specific time when this block was generated, and the block chain guarantees that each block is connected in sequence through a timestamp. The timestamp plays the role of a notary in the blockchain and is more credible than the traditional notarization system, because the information recorded on the blockchain cannot be modified by anyone in any way.

  • Size: 1303,887 Previously, the block size of Bitcoin was within 1M. Since the introduction of 'Segregated Witness segwit', it has exceeded the set 1MB limit. Now, the concept of 'block size' has been replaced by 'block weight', and Bitcoin now supports blocks up to 4MB in weight.

  • Reward: 6.90203279 The new block reward of the genesis block is 50 BTC, and it will be halved every four years. The first halving was 25 BTC on November 28, 2012, and the second at 16:46:13 on July 9, 2016. The second halving is 12.5 BTC, and the block height is 420,000 at this time. The third halving is 6.25 BTC on 2020, May 5th.

  • Txs Counts: 2665 A total of 2665 transaction records are packaged in this block.

  • Volume(BTC): 781.63581041

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