Tokenview Multi-Crypto Data API and Node Services System

Tokenview API has served 2000+ enterprises by providing blockchain data API customization and node building services for day one from Year 2018. Since March 3, Tokenview API is launching a new Multi-Crypto Data API and Node Services System. The system supports user registration, getting free apikey, automatically services plan upgrading, statistics of API requests, API SDK and demo from github.

Tokenview Multi-Crypto Data API supports 120+ public chains, total up to 60+ TB data, 100+M requests Per Day. For many years, Tokenview has provided stable real-time data API services for customers like digital wallet providers, trading platforms, public chain ecosystems, and financial institutions, etc.

Tokenview Blockchain API

Account Registration

Customers can register Tokenview Multi-Crypto Data API and Node Services System by email, and activate the account by typing in the received verification code in his email box. The system supports password recovery and resetting.

Tokenview Blockchain API

Free API Key

Customers will get a new project created once the account is registered successfully. A project contains a project id and a API Key.

Tokenview Blockchain API

Project id is used to identify the different projects, one account can create 3 projects at most.

API Key is the KEY used to request APIs and the full node services. With API Key, you can get 300 requests per minute, and you can only get 1 request per minute without API key. The period of validity time of the free API key is 3 nature days from the created time.

How to Use API Key

You can easily send requests with API Key and get result successfully, the format is:

[api url] +?+ [apikey=your_apikey], For example:

Tokenview Blockchain API

Service Upgrading

There are 2 ways to upgrade or renew your API Keys.

  • API Key Renew
  • Customized Services
Tokenview Blockchain API

API Key Renew

When your API Key service is going to expire, monthly or yearly extension plans could be paid in fiat or crypto currencies. Your API service will be automatically extended after successful payment.

Customized Services

Both the developer and standard version of API Key support most recent 2500 historical transactions. For more data requirements, please contact our customer service representatives.

Real-time API Stats

In your account management system, you are able to monitor API requests from your customers for each project, such as request success rate, time distribution, and traffic distribution etc. We make it easier for you to understand more about your users.

Tokenview Blockchain API

API SDK & Demo

Tokenview Multi-Crypto Data API and Node Services System provides API SDK and Demo sections. You can pull the code directly through github ( APIs like sending transactions, retrieving transaction data and others can be achieved simply by referring our Demo codes.

Since the establishment of Tokenview, Tokenview API Services has followed the latest development of the whole blockchain technology, assisted more and more enterprises and individuals in blockchain technology and application development with fast and stable technical services. Tokenview will continue to launch more API services, node services, address monitoring, wallet services, and continue to increase more public chain support in the future.

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Tokenview Blockchain API
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