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The tokens in the blockchain represent a circulated encrypted digital proof of rights and interests on the blockchain. The three elements of Token: digital equity certification, encryption and liquidity. TOKEN has become an inevitable mechanism for issuing incentives. The TOKEN of the blockchain is widely recognized, thanks to Ethereum and its ERC20 standard. At present, there are more famous protocols on Ethereum, including ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, etc.

The Tokenview blockchain explorer will have a corresponding explanation: Simply put, computing power is a quantitative indicator of the computing speed of the mining machine. Assuming that the cryptocurrency is a mine and the miner is really a 'miner', then how many shovel energy is needed to dig Buying and digging a mine can be regarded as computing power data.

what is token

Use the Tokenview ETH explorer to view the token balance. Just paste the address into the searching box and click 'Token Balance'.

what is tokenwhat is token
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