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What is the Block Height? How to Look Up? | Tokenview

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What is the Block Height? How to Look Up? | Tokenview

What is a block?

If you think of the blockchain as a bookkeeping notebook, the 'block' is the pages of the notebook, and the content on the paper is the content of the bookkeeping. The block number is actually the 'block height'. Let's use the ledger as an example. For example, in a 100-page ledger, I want to view the contents of the account on page 50, so the 'block height' of this page is 50. 'Block height' is equivalent to the latitude and longitude on the blockchain. It gives the block a 'coordinate'. Through the block height, the position of a block on the chain can be accurately described.

The creation block is described in Bitcoin wiki: 'A genesis block is the first block of a block chain. Modern versions of Bitcoin number it as block 0, though very early versions counted it as block 1. 'means The block height number of Bitcoin's genesis block in modern versions is 0 (it was recorded as height 1 in very early versions). Therefore, the calculation rule of block height does not start from 1, the height of the 50th block is 49, and the height of Bitcoin block XX is also the XX+1th block.

How to view block information?

You can use use the Tokenview blockchain exploreropen in new window to query the information of the relevant block, and directly open the Tokenview Bitcoin block explorer ( to view the information of a certain block.

block height#### Explanation of related terms in the block:

  • Broadcaster: bc1qppsntrhcfe8m48dszxzjq9tfdd4ccpua0hqej2* It is equivalent to a miner, which means that this block is obtained by this 'miner'. This is the miner's address.

  • 2021-12-15 18:07:53* Shows the specific time when this block was generated, and the block chain guarantees that each block is connected in sequence through a timestamp. The timestamp plays the role of a notary in the blockchain, and it is more credible than the traditional notarization system, because the information recorded on the blockchain cannot be modified by anyone in any way.

  • Size: 1,562,516 Bytes* Previously, the block size of Bitcoin was within 1M. Since the introduction of 'Segregated Witness segwit', it has exceeded the set 1MB limit. Now, the concept of 'block size' has been replaced by 'block weight', and Bitcoin now supports blocks up to 4MB in weight.

  • Block reward: 6.34238882* The new block reward for the genesis block is 50 BTC, which will be halved approximately every four years. The first halving was 25 BTC on November 28, 2012, and the second at 16:46:13 on July 9, 2016. The second halving is 12.5 BTC, and the block height is 420,000 at this time. The third halving in 2020 is 6.25 BTC.

  • Number of transactions: 1880* A total of 1880 transaction records are packaged in this block.

  • Total transaction amount: 1,146.4585322 BTC * The total amount of transactions in this block.

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