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How much of your transaction fee when buy a NFT on Opensea | Tokenview

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How much of your transaction fee when buy a NFT on Opensea | Tokenview

OpenSea has been an active place for NFT enthusiasts to climb various NFT peaks for 3 months. It has maintained its vigorous activity. Even under the cool wind of NFT a week ago, its vitality has since revived. Let’s see from OpenSea Wallet’s on-chain data how much transaction fees he charged. When your NFT soars to the price of your heart, what will happen to the ETH balance of OpenSea Wallet.

The following figure shows the daily change of OpenSea Wallet's fee collection. The wallet was born on January 3, 2018. His first transaction fees was on August 22, 2018. His transaction fees was two The peak points, one is the transaction fees of 351.55 ETH on April 1, 2021, the second is the transaction fees of 382 ETH on September 1, 2021, and the transaction fees of 137.75 ETH yesterday.

Tokenview Blockchain ExplorerFrom the first transaction fee to yesterday, OpenSea Wallet has received a total of 17,503.907431114789139002 ETH in the three-year period. According to today's ETH price, it is US$53,754,500.

Where did these fees go? How does OpenSea dispose of these ETH? By observing the direction of the data, we can get a glimpse of it.

Tokenview Blockchain ExplorerThe above figure shows the current balance of 2569.84 ETH, and the total income of 17503.9 ETH is calculated to give a total of 14,934.06 ETH. The figure below shows nearly 7 transfers of OpenSea Wallet. Most of the ETH was transferred to the address 0x0b7a434782792b539623fd72a428838ea4173b22.

Tokenview Blockchain ExplorerThe first transfer of OpenSea Wallet occurred on 2021-07-13 02:21:22. The transfer of 1200 ETH to the address starting with 0xfe5e will be transferred to Coinbase immediately after 8 seconds.

Tokenview Blockchain ExplorerOpenSea Wallet's ETH has been transferred to multiple different ETH addresses. If you are interested in where they are going, you can open the following link to continue tracking.

As the No. 1 NFT trading platform, OpenSea has an average daily fee income of 15.99 ETH for three years. If it is only the past three months of 2021, the average daily fee income is 123.4 ETH. More NFTs continue to be traded on OpenSea, and more NFT markets are opening up.

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