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How to Search BTC Blockchain OP_RETURN Information| Tokenview

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How to Search BTC Blockchain OP_RETURN Information| Tokenview

**What is OP_RETURN?**OP_RETURN is the 'storage information' function of the Bitcoin network. This function supports writing hexadecimal characters to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Because Bitcoin developers believe that OP_RETURN will cause users to store too much non-transactional information on the Bitcoin network, which may affect the normal use of Bitcoin, and limit the size of stored information (40 bytes).

'OP_RETURN' can take advantage of the irreversible advantages of the BTC network to permanently record important information through the blockchain. Both 'chain lettering' and 'blockchain confession' use the Bitcoin 'OP_RETURN' function. Tokenview added a new 'remarks' information query function, by querying the transaction hash, you can visually see the 'remarks' information.

For example, El Salvador announced that the 'proposal of Bitcoin as a legal currency' was written into the Bitcoin block through 'OP_RETURN'. OpenTokenview BTC exploreropen in new windowenables you to search this transaction. In the output of transaction list:「OP_RETURN: Diario EL Salvador 6/Jun/2021 Bitcoin tendra Validez Legal」. in new window

BTC explorer'Blockchain confession' is also the function of storing 'OP_RETURN' in Bitcoin information by users to permanently record the confession information on the blockchain, such as a marriage proposal confession. Also use the Tokenview Bitcoin block explorer to query this information. Open the BTC explorer and check the 'Output' information in the transaction: 'Yuki will you marry me? Tetsu.' in new window

BTC explorerDo you also have other romantic confessions or solemn oaths? Tokenview BTC explorer can help you look up this information without retrieving or converting.

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