Tokenview API Helps Developers and Exchanges Easily Access Crypto/BTC Transaction Confirmations

What is Transaction Confirmation?

Whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other public chains, when it comes to transaction searching, it will confirm whether the transaction is effective on the chain through the confirmation number. When an exchange newly adds a blockchain to a block, the number of confirmations of the transaction is 1, and then for each additional block, the number of confirmations of the transaction increases by 1. The more confirmations, the less likely the transaction will be tampered with on the blockchain. Many exchanges will confirm the number of confirmations when determining whether the recharge is in the account, and the confirmation number of different public chains is different.

tokenview block explorer So, how to get the confirmation number of a transaction? The confirmation number API service provided by Tokenview can quickly and easily retrieve the confirmation number data.

Through the public chain abbreviation and transaction HASH (hash), get the confirmation number of a transaction:{public chain abbreviated lower case}/{transaction hash}. For details, please refer to the Tokenview API documentation.

Sample confirmation request.

Request: curl --location --request GET:''

Response: 200-OK

Tokenview API supports data retrieval of more than 100 crypto confirmations.

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