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What is a Crypto Wallet?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, and a cryptocurrency wallet is an application specifically used to manage these assets. The cryptocurrency wallet provides basic financial functions such as the creation of a wallet address, the transfer of cryptocurrency, and the query of the transaction history of each wallet address. Common digital currency wallets include Binance, Cobo and other functions with different functions. Tokenview's application ViewToken has the above-mentioned digital currency wallet function, and can predict the market of virtual currency, and can also help users earn more digital assets through financial management.

Blockchain Digital Currency wallet Classification

  • Hot wallet: Hot wallet, also known as online wallet, includes light wallet and heavy wallet (full node wallet). You need to keep the wallet connected to the Internet and you can directly perform transaction operations.
  • Light wallet: It does not store the complete blockchain, only the data related to itself. It is small in size and can run on mobile phones, computers, web pages, etc. The light wallet does not occupy memory, supports multiple digital assets, and has a good user experience. Common digital currency light wallets include: viewtoken, cobo, etc.
  • It maintains all blockchain data, is completely decentralized, and synchronizes all data. It has better privacy and can verify the validity of transaction data locally. But every time you use it, you need to synchronize data, which takes up a lot of hard disk space and does not support multiple digital currency transactions.
  • Cold wallet: A cold wallet is a wallet that is not connected to the Internet, also called an offline wallet; such as professional hardware equipment, or write the private key (mnemonic phrase) on paper.
  • Hardware wallet: The hardware wallet uses professional hardware to store digital currency, and stores the digital asset private key separately in a chip, which is isolated from the Internet and plug and play.
  • Paper wallet: Write the private key on paper and store it before deleting it.

Blockchain Wallet API Helps to Manage Your Crypto Wallet

In the development of blockchain digital currency applications, a common question is how to query the balance information of this wallet address? Or in a similar way, how to query the balance information of a specified Bitcoin address? The good news is that many third-party organizations have solved these problems and provided them in the form of wallet balance API, which can be used directly.

Tokenview blockchain API data interface is one of the largest and most popular third-party blockchain digital currency APIs. Provides functions such as broadcast transactions, token information query, wallet service and transaction information. It also provides data on more than 100 mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Easy to use, and there are Chinese API documentation information. Refer to:

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